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Well, well, well...

  So, it's the end of the road for the viewers, Michael and Lincoln.  I honestly didn't expect it to last this long, but we've had a pretty good run--many ups and downs, many surprises, many flips, many deaths, and everything else in between.

  What can i say now? It is more than a TV show, it's real, it's astonishingly wonderful, it's cool...

  After 4 years, breaking the prison, breaking all the old way making Tv shows by creating this creative masterpiece, it is hard for me say goodbye to Micheal and his crews....

  This is the best show ever ever ever..You can't tell what will happen, you can't imagine how they can do (break the prison, break the laws to achieve their own justice) that, you must think outside the box when watching this...



  I rarely shed a tear, but i did when watching the final scene of this show...Imagine what happened last 4 years, it is worth it!

  Thank you for making the best show ever, Prison Break will be very sorely missed.

  .....Let turn the time back....


  Originally, Prison Break was meant to be two series of 13 episodes; season one to break out of Fox River, and season two to successfully evade the authorities and find their freedom on the Christina Rose in Panama. It was the original idea and it all tied in nicely with Michael’s tattoo. However due to its success Fox demanded more, so instead we got two seasons of 22 episodes with the possibility of more seasons to come. So the storyline was altered somewhat but the quality of the show did not suffer. The second escape attempt was successful, and gave us the fox river eight, and although the escapees missed John Abruzzi’s jet which left them stranded and having to run into the dark, there were plenty of loose ends to keep us very interested in season two; Will Sara live? What will happen now that Veronica has found Terrence Steadman? How will Michael, Lincoln, C-Note, Sucre and Abruzzi evade the police who are now right on their tails? Will T-Bag survive after losing his hand? Where will Tweener and Haywire end up? How will LJ get out of custody? Will Charles Westmoreland’s money be found? And will the brothers make it to Panama and open that scuba shop? And so on.

  So to summarize we had plenty to look forward to in season two. Luckily, most of a brilliant cast was retained and the introduction of Bill Fichtner as Alex Mahone was a masterstroke. The second saw some escapees captured, some killed, some managed to stay free. But it eventually all came down to Panama. Rather than talk about season two I’m going to fast forward to what I see as one of the most crucial moments in the whole series. Michael, Lincoln and Sara are reunited on the boat. Sara is free, she informs the brothers that Linc has been exonerated, and that Michael will most likely have all charges against him dropped as well. So they are finally free to sail away. Michael says to Lincoln “We did it Linc, we did it” and then Bill Kim comes along and says “No; you almost did it”. And we all know what followed, a short sequence of events which led us into season three.

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  Season Three; Sona. A prison which on the surface seems a hellish intimidating place ran by a small band of madmen hell bent on power, and where fights to the death result from things like not mopping up puke. A pregnant Sara Wayne Callies proved to be a major stumbling block to the point that she didn’t sign up for another year, and the writers killed her off, a move which enraged many fans of the show, to the point that they petitioned so severely that they eventually gave in and made moves to bring her back. Also, “MISA” fans probably have the writers strike to thank for her return too, as it cut season three short which ultimately gave the writers the chance to reassess where they were going with the show and ultimately reinvent it for one last 22 episode hurrah to give the show a proper finish. So season three ended with a wonderful montage of those left behind in Sona; Lincoln, LJ with a recovering Sofia, Mahone joining Gretchen and Whistler in the Company, and Michael driving off into the sun to avenge Sara’s death. All to the beautiful “Llorando” sang by Rebekah del Rio.

  And so to the current and final season. Let me just quickly summarie the first episode; Sara is actually alive, Maricruz has the shortest pregnancy in the history of mankind, Whistler is actually a good guy (man I enjoyed watching him get killed!), and it turns out that the deadly Sona wasn’t such an impenetrable fortress afterall, and T-Bag simply decides to burn it down which makes Michael’s elaborate escape look quite unimpressive in the end. But basically, the first episode more or less had an air of “Let’s just carry on as if season three never happened” about it. But at least it gave us a good set up for the season ahead. Everyone seems to have been apprehended and brought tohether by Don Self, and we keep hearing of this “A-Team” reference.

  Scylla. Although I enjoyed watching this show, Scylla is one word I’m glad I’ll never have to hear again- it must have been said about 100 times in the season! Scylla which was at first believed to be the “Company’s black book” turned out to be a lot more as the season wore on. Scylla was what James Whistler was trying to get all along, and his bird book turned out to be more than a book, although that was hardly surprising. The hunt for Scylla was a long and dangerous one, along the way the guys had to evade Wyatt, who was captured after killing the annoying but comical Glenn Roland. Wyatt found out the hard way not to mess with Mahone, Sucre may or may not have gotten lucky in LA with a cardholder’s wife, T-Bag managed to bluff his way into a fancy job with his own office, Bellick was given a touching death scene (I never liked him up to that point), and Michael started to suffer neurological problems which ultimately was the tumor, and one of the highlights for me personally of the season was nearly twenty minutes of scenes involving Michael, Lincoln, Mahone and Sucre where not one word was spoken while they were breaking into the vault that contained Scylla.

  So they got Scylla but Don Self double crossed them and so the hunt for Scylla began, and would last the second half of the season. In the meantime Michael’s condition got so bad that surgery could not be put off any longer. An operation for which in exchange Lincoln agrees to work for the company, and while in surgery Michael has a dream which is fair enough. But in a bizarre move the writers decide to make him discover exactly what Scylla is in this dream, even though his only hint was the word “bargain”. Now I know, being realistic is not something we have come to expect from this show, but this was nonsense in my opinion!

  And to set the final leg of the season in motion, it is dropped on us that Christina is in fact alive, and that she has been working for the company all along. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that she’s also an evil b***h?! Which disappointed me because I remember at the end of season two, how fondly the brothers seemed to think of her, the “Christ in a rose” in his tattoo, and calling the yacht after her. It seemed that her being dead was a vital part of what made the brothers who they were, and why they had such a difficult childhood. And then to top it off they tell us that they are not actually brothers. Thankfully this did not affect Michael and Lincoln’s relationship, but it left me with the feeling that the writers were running out of ideas or just doing things for the sake of shocking us, rather than whats good for the story.

  The build up to the finale was hardly classic Prison Break. The five episodes before were just a slow build up to the finale. And that’s fine, we all knew that the end was in sight, and a good fitting finale can make up for what goes before. And Prison Break did build up for a good finale, By now we all know what happened. Did it deliver. Yes and no. It was a very good episode, plenty going on and finally the company was brought down for good. The reintroduction of Kellerman was a risky one but it worked. It was fantastic to have him back, he was one of the best actors/characters the show had. This episode was classic Prison Break, and everyone seemed to finally get what they deserve. But as for the ending…..

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  Well what can I say? Michael was indeed killed off. And the end of Michael Scofield most definitely is the end of Prison Break. And he died on November the 4th 2005, which isn’t far off the non flash forward ending. So he never got to see his son (unless Sara’s pregnancy was even quicker than Maricruz’s). “Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Friend”. So in the short time that remained in his life he got married. For Michael Scofield this was not a happy ending, and as he was the central character then the same goes for the show. And that’s fine, but did it have to be a sad ending? It didn’t have to be either.

  The flash forward wasn’t necessary. In fact it cheated the fans of the show. It wasn’t up to them to wrap up what happened in the future. All they had to do was wrap up the story of the show which was the battle of the brothers versus the company. And they did that. And then they went and gave him a nosebleed at the end. But even that would have been a better place to end the show. The best series finale’s are those that wrap up the storyline and leave the future open to the interpretation of the fans. But the ending of Prison Break was too final. Why tell us that Michael would marry Sara and later die? Why did they see the need to show us where everyone ended up?

  Let me hypothesize; If Michael getting the nosebleed while walking on the beach with Sara was the final scene; that would have left a question mark over what would happen Michael. Will it kill him? It could, but at least it would have been open to every individuals interpretation and wishes. Those who wanted him to live could go on believing that he would eventually beat it, and there would have been those who would interpret it as he’s going to die from this.

  The series finale needed to answer the following questions. Will Lincoln be saved? Will Sara be saved? What will become of Scylla? Will the Company be brought down? Will everyone finally get their freedom? And it did answer these questions. In a very satisfying manner too. However the future should have been left open to our interpretation. A good finale does not do this for us. And as a fan of this show for the last four years I do feel let down by the writers in this regard.

  Don’t get me wrong though, this was (is) a great series and I got great enjoyment from watching it. I really got invested in some of the characters and I feel that the first series is absolutely flawless in terms of what I want from a tv show. Personally though, I feel that the writers should have stuck to their original idea of two seasons, and had Mike, Linc and Sara sailing away in that boat. Hell even the end of season three would have been a better series finale as that left us with many questions answered and left the future open to our interpretation.

  In summing up I’m going to go back to that scene when Bill Kim arrived and ruined the happy ending and set season three in motion. To the creators/writers I say a big thank you for creating a great show, but to go back to my original question of did the writers of the show do it justice with the finale? Well as Bill Kim said; “No; you almost did it.” (dont get me wrong: but i still and always a Prisonbreak addicts, always!)



  you've touched our lives and you made us feel connected to you..........

  .......This entry is devoted to my beloved Tv shows! You guys all will be missed! Very much!


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