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Bạn có nghĩ là mọi ngươi sẽ nhớ ngay đến bạn, khi bạn gửi cho người đó những card visit ấn tượng như thế này???

Make your partner work for your contact details. Let them scratch.
Để đối tác động tay động chân chút đi.

Let them find your easier. Make a mini map.
Để họ tìm bạn dễ hơn, hãy biến card-visit thành map

Decorate your card with a bit of fluff.
Trang trí thêm xíu "đống bùi nhùi"

Cute fold out. Brings back old childhood memories.
Trở về tuổi thơ

Make it look like the product you're selling.
Làm chúng thành hình những gì bạn bán

Add teeth impressions if you're a dentist.
Thêm dấu răng nếu bạn là nha sĩ

Spoof a famous logo.
Nhái nhãn 1 brand nổi tiếng

Make an 3D plastic card.

Card plastic 3D

Dog tag theme.

Cat tail theme.

Use office scrap.

Use fun typography.

Blind date theme.

Simply square with no ink.

Funky shape.

Interchangeable insert in a generic cover.

Free one way ticket to the moon.

Demonstrate your skill.

Forensic evidence?

Metal card. Doubles as a cake cutter.

Is this scratch and sniff or just generous use of white space.

Try the retro look.

Elegantly long and thin. Reminds me of a card I designed for a perfume shop that looked like a scent tester.

Transparent thin.

Transparent thick.

Camera obscura. In case the Nikon breaks it comes handy to get the job done.

Folded and playful.

Expandable rubber to test your strength. One more time. And, one more. One last time. Good job. Now, what was the number again?

Reuse old cards for a second hand shop.

Get rid of the evidence you ever met the headhunter.

A clear message from a debt recovery agent. If you don't pay I'll break your bones. Here's the x-ray of my last client broken finger as proof.

Business card for an acupuncturist with small holes to demonstrate what will happen to your skin.

Perforated cards demonstrate what a separation lawyers does.

If you don't want to separate you can consider marriage counseling with a help of scotch tape.

There is nothing better then a little freebie. In this case a few seeds demonstrating how lush can make your place greener.

A balloon visiting card for a chest physician that is only legible when inflated demonstrates how important it is to have healthy lungs.

Pieces of broken pottery are used to hold the name and phone number for a greek restaurant.

A set of semi-transparent layers allows you to mix and match clothes on the illustrated girl. (Click the image for a larger size.)

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